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Mink is currently the #1 Pyrenean Shepherd in the US in all-breed points!!!!

What's New . . .

We finished the year 2010 with Mink as the #1 UKC Berger Des Pyrenees for the third straight year.  She was also the #2 AKC Pyr Shep in All-Breed points and the #3 Pyr Shep in Breed points.  She was the #1 AKC female Pyr Shep and the #1 Pyr Shep that was totally owner-handled.  Mink is also the only Pyr Shep that is a UKC and AKC Grand Champion.  Mink is also the first Pyr Shep in the US to get a UKC Best in Multi-Breed Show!
Cassie, Mink, Levi, Ethan and Sherman all qualified for the UKC Top Ten Competition at the Premier in June 2011.
Cassie qualified for Westminster 2011.

September 2011: 
On 9/3-9/5 Cassie went to an AKC show in Amana, IA.  On Friday she won a 2nd in juniors.  On Saturday she showed Sherman at the Amana Beagle Classic (a supported entry at the show).  Sherman won Best of Variety in a large field of very nice specials!!!  Cassie and Sherman went on to win a Group 2!!!  The day was made even better when Cassie and Sherman won Best Junior.  Sunday was still great with a Select Dog for Sherman and another Best Junior!!!  Cassie needed the juniors points so it was a great weekend for them both.
August 2011:  On 8/27-8/28 we went to a show in Topeka, KS.  Cassie showed in juniors and came home with a 3rd place and a Best Junior!!!  Levi completed two more legs of his RAE2 title!
On 8/19-8/21 Cassie went to an AKC show in Topeka, KS.  She and Sherman won Best Junior 2 days and a 2nd on the other day!!!! 
On 8/4-8/7 we wemt to an AKC show in Canfield, OH.  Mink won Best of Breed all 4 days!!  She also won 2 Group 3's and made the cut in Group the other two days.  Mink came home with 486 points toward her All-Breed Standings making her the #1 Pyrenean Shepherd in the US.  Amber won Reserve Winner's Bitch 3 days and Wicked won Winner's Bitch one day.
July 2011:  On 7/21-7/24 we went to Houston, TX for an AKC show.  Mink was the only Pyr Shep.  Cassie showed Sherman at the San Jacinto Beagle Club Specialty and won Best Junior and an Award of Merit!!!  Sherman also came home with two more Select Dog awards as well! 
On 7/8-10 we went to an AKC show in Sedalia, MO.  Mink and Dion the RR pup were shown as well as Cassie showed Sherman in juniors.  Nothing for Mink and Dion but Cassie won 2 2nd placements in her class and 1 first place that resulted in a Best Junior!!! She now has 6 wins toward qualifying for Westminster 2012.
June 2011:  On 6/16-19/2011 we went to Kalamazoo, MI for the UKC Premier.   The is UKC's big event for the year.  Mink, Levi, Ethan, Sherman and Cassie all qualified for the Top Ten event.  Levi and Ethan did not show therefore Mink was Best of Breed.  Sherman was given an award of Excellence.  Cassie made it to the finals for the Top Ten finals for the 3rd year!!!  It's an honor to make it to finals!  On the next 3 days we showed in regular UKC shows that are very well attended.  We finally had some outside Pyr Shep competition from Mink's brother Sunny Bear.  We showed Mink, Levi and Ethan.  Mink went Best of Breed all 3 days.  She also won a Group 2 and a Group 4.  Sherman won Best of Breed 2 days as well as 2 Group 1's and a BEST IN SHOW!!!!!   Not only did Cassie and Sherman win Best in Show on Saturday, they won BEST JUNIOR as well with an entry of 72 juniors!!!  A Best in Show AND a Best Junior on the same day!  Both of Sherman's breed and Group wins were from foreign judges.  Saturday's show, where Sherman won Best of Breed had an overall entry of 1024 dogs.  It's a huge honor to win a group placement during the Premier weekend let alone a Best in Show!
May 2011:  On 5/26-30/2011 we went to an AKC show in New Castle, PA.  This weekend included the PSCA National Specialty so there were many Pyr Sheps in attendance.  Cassie showed Sherman in Beagles and in juniors.  Cassie won 2 2nd places in juniors.  Sherman won Best of Breed twice, Best of Opposite and Select Dog once eacg.  He is more than halfway to his Grand Championship!  Mink was shown all 5 days.  She won Best of Opposite one day and Select Bitch 3 days.  Ethan was shown 2 days and won Select Dog one day.  The PSCA National Specialty was judged by M. Guy Mansencal from France.  He is very respected as a judge and Pyr Shep breeder in France/Europe.  With an entry of 38 Pyr Sheps, M. Mansencal gave Mink Select Bitch and our buddy Trooper was Select Dog.  Ethan won Best Expression for the second year in a row!!!  It was a great compliment to win under M. Mansencal!  Cassie won Best Junior at the specialty.  M. Mansencal judged the juniors as he would in Europe with the kids switching dogs during the class.  It was fun to watch.
On 5/21-22/2011 we attended the AKC show in Gardner, KS.  Cassie showed in juniors both days.  Cassie won a 2nd and a 1st place.  Amber was shown on Saturday and won Best of Breed.  Mink was shown on Sunday and won Best of Breed as well as a Group 3!!!
April 2011:  On 4/8-10/2011 we went to the AKC show in Valley Center, KS.  Cassie showed in juniors and placed 2nd and 3rd on the regular class days.  On Saturday, she was 1 of 10 juniors to make the finals in the Central Region Junior Showmanship competition.  Mink was Best of Breed all 3 days and made the cut in the group 1 day.
March 2011:  On 3/17-20/2011 we attended the AKC show in Kansas City, MO.  Cassie showed in juniors.  She won 2 1st places including 1 Best Junior!!! She also won a 3rd and 4th the other two days.  Mink won Best of Breed 3 of the 4 days and Best of Opposite on the 4th day.  Levi showed 2 days and won Best of Breed one day and Best of Opposite one day.  Ethan was Select Dog both days he showed.
February 2011:  On 2/14-15/2011 we attended the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York, NY.  While we had a great time, both Ethan and Cassie came home without ribbons. 
On 2/5-6/2011 We went to an AKC show in St. Joseph, MO.  Cassie showed in juniors and won Best Junior both days!!!!
January 2011:  On 1/29-30/2011 We went to an AKC show in St. Charles, MO.  Levi completed 2 RAE legs winning a 1st place in Exc. B along the way.
Mink had 3 female puppies on 1/14/2011.
On 1/12/2011 Princess passed away.  The necropsy was inconclusive.  Princess was everything a Ridgeback should be.  She had a great temperament, she was our best lure courser and she was a family guardian.  She will be greatly missed.
Puppies and Available Dogs. . .

Mink had puppies January 14, 2011.  We have 1 special needs Pyr Shep female puppy available.  Contact Kim for further information.

Please contact Patricia Princehouse of La Brise Pyr Sheps for current availability of more Pyr Shep puppies.  labrise@msn.com

We may breed Kaelyn to Cody for a Ridgeback litter in early 2012.
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